How do I redeem a prize code?

Step 1:

Get yourself a prize code via the below mentioned methods:

  1. In-Client (Habbo.COM) Events
  2. Radio Shows
  3. On-site (HabboBites.COM) Events

Prize codes given out during our in-client Events are randomly generated 6 characters that include only uppercase, lowercase as well as digits. Prize codes given out during In-Client Events will not contain letters 'i' 'I' 'l' 'L' 'o' 'O' and digit '1' '0' to prevent confusion!

Step 2:

Type the prize code you received from our Event Organiser, Radio DJ or web page (only during Prize Code Hunt) into the prize code redemption field in the Bites Shop.

Step 3

A popup will appear on the top right of your browser to notify you of the successful redeemption you have made and the amount of points you have received from the prize code!

Step 4:

Spend your Bites Points! At HabboBites.COM, we have many unique features for you to spice up your profile page!

Check out the places you can spend your Bites Points at!

  1. Bites Shop