Terms of Service

These are our terms for use of the Habbobites website. 'HB' refers to the abbreviation of our site, 'HabboBites'. 'Your', 'you', 'users' refers to the individuals who visits and/or makes use of our services.

Legal use of services

Acceptable usage

Users of HB must be at least 13 years of age, and must adhere to the Habbo Way and our stated Terms of Service at all times.

Respect yourself and others

HabboBites is a multi-racial, and multi-religious community. We do not allow content that may cause disharmony within the community i.e. race-sensitive and religion-sensitive content.

Collection of personal data

By using our services, you consent to the minimal collection of personal information strictly for authentication, identification and security purposes. Your stored data will never be shared with any 3rd parties directly or indirectly. Additional information related to the privacy of our users are available in our Privacy Policy.

User generated/submitted content

All user content must adhere to the Habbo Way, and our Terms of Service. They must not include (but not limited to):

  • Insulting comments directed at others
  • Hate speech
  • Deliberate spam
  • Advertising external websites for profitablity
  • Pornography/links to
  • Drug reference
  • Hacking/scripting
  • Sensitive content like race and religion
  • Personal information of others or yourself
  • Out-of-Habbo contact
  • Real-life meet-ups
  • Sexually explicit content

User images: Images uploaded on HabboBites are copyright to their respective owners. Ensure that you have permission to use the image provided.

Profanities: HabboBites moderators reserves the right to at their own judgement and discretion, remove, and infract (the owner of the content) should their post contain profanities that are seem directed at others/insulting.

All user content including, but not limited to feed posts, forum posts are property of HB, and may be used on any other areas on the site without prior consent.

Your public habbo information and avatars may be used on our website for enhancements and new features.

Use of third-party programs, exploitations, modification to our service

Exploitation: users must not exploit our services in any way either through social engineering, third party softwares or any other means - even if it does not directly benefit him/her.

Information security

All your confidential information i.e. passwords are stored using a hashing algorithm with added security. Passwords and confidential information are never stored or transmitted in an unencrypted format. Users should ensure that the connection between HabboBites and their browser are secure, by ensuring that the address bar begins with 'https' that denotes a secured connection between HabboBites and their browser. Additional information related to the privacy of our users are available in our Privacy Policy.

Termination of service

HabboBites reserves the righ to at anytime suspend or terminate accounts should they breach our Terms of Service.


Keeping your account safe is your responsibility - users are encouraged to use separate login credentials for their HB account from any other services related, or unrelated. In the event you lose access to your account, you can use the forget password form to reset your account.

HabboBites is not responsible for the unfulfilment of any prizes in the name of HabboBites or its users including, but not limited to: feed giveaways and site competitions. All prizes are fulfilled by volunteers (staff or members), and not provided by HabboBites unless otherwise stated.

Inappropriate content, reporting of inappropriate content

Always report inappropriate content on the site by clicking on the visible report button (usually a flag icon). False reports may lead to account suspension.

  • For each offence violating our Terms of Service, a warning will be sent to the offender's HabboBites account (via private message), and an infraction point added to the offender
  • Accumulating 3 or more infraction points may lead to permanent account suspension

Advertisement Policy

Users of HabboBites must also abide to our advertisement guidelines.

In addition, user generated content must not advertise external websites (and fansites). Fansite advertisements can be done in the appropriate forum category.

Forum terms

All forum posts must abide to our Terms of Service, and the HabboBites Forum Terms.

HabboBites points, collectibles

All HabboBites collectibles, including but not limited to points, site-addons are non-refundable, and cannot be sold for third-party items e.g. Habbo credits, furnitures.

  • Prizes codes collected in events can only be redeemed by the intended recipient

Archived content

Certain pages and content within the HabboBites website may be archived on the official HabboBites Archive page and on other platforms. We archive pages with significant importance, they include (but not limited to): regular site pages, feed posts and canvases.


The Terms of Service is subject to changes without prior consent.

When using HabboBites Creations, a separate set of conditions are available here.

DO NOT use HB unless you agree to the Terms of Service stated above.


Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this terms of service, you may contact us using the information below.


Email: contact@habbobites.com

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