As part of our efforts to keep HabboBites and our events sustainable, we've launched a brand new donations scheme for HabboBites!

Why only do this now?

We've grown so much since the beginning. However, we also noticed how draining hosting of events can be, both financially, and mentally. With donations, we can motivate and help fund our in-game events! In return, our members get fun-filled events to attend!

Is donating compulsory?

No, and never will be! Donating to HabboBites is voluntary, and up to your own goodwill.

What do donors get?

Donating to HabboBites is not a direct exchange for Bites points - Bites points will never be sold directly. However, we do provide incentives and rewards to donors who contribute to HabboBites. We want to make this process as rewarding and fulfilling as possible!

Donors who donate at least 50 Habbo Credits (cumulative) will also get access to our very own Supporters Hub - where some tools are available for you to help make HabboBites better!

Everyone else who donates will be randomly featured on our community leaderboard, as a thank you!

Where will my donations go?

Your donations will go strictly towards funding HabboBites' events and engagement activities, such as HabboBites events, Carnivals, Campaigns and Site Competitions. Your donations will be collected by a single collector who will govern the funds, and distribute them to the relevant channels.

What kind of donations are accepted?

The new donation scheme currently applies to the following kinds of donations:

  • Habbo Credits

We've heard your feedback to include other forms of donations - your suggestions may be implemented in future, but remember, the main goal of the donations scheme is to fund our in-game and site events/competitions.

How do I donate?

To donate, get in touch with us via our contact form (General Enquiries) or contact any management staff in-game. Currently, only Funkyhabbo
will handle the in-game transaction. However, feel free to contact any management staff for more information.


Note: Donations are non-refundable.


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