Duckie, our resident duck, will make his appearance on the HabboBites website at random times throughout the day. Be the first to catch him to earn HabboBites points!

Where will Duckie appear?

Duckie will appear on all HabboBites pages, but may not be hiding at the same spot every time.

How do I catch Duckie?

Simply click on Duckie - and if you're the first, you'll receive Bites points!

At what times will Duckie appear?

Duckie will appear randomly, without a set schedule. Duckie will also stay available for up to 10 minutes (he's a pretty patient duck), until someone catches him.

How do I know if I caught Duckie?

You will receive a popup notification.

Duckhunters leaderboard

The users who catches the most duckies each month, will receive the exclusive Duckie username icon! Everyone else who catches a duckie will receive a bite point.

Keep your eyes open!

Revised Duckies!

More ducks added to the family! Read more!