Join the Ambassadors for a cool bus ride, and learn more about saying NO to hackers, and how to protect your account!

Venue: Ambassador Infobus park (Public navigator)

Date: Tuesday, 20th June 2017

Time: 7PM BST / 2PM EST / 2AM SGT

Tip: arrive at least 45 minutes before the session for a better chance of getting onboard!

The InfoBus is a place where you can chat to Habbo Staff, Ambassadors and Partner Organizations,and get help on a wide range of topics like online safety and bullying. The bus is located in the InfoBus Park room. 


When the InfoBus first opened, it was used as Habbo's official help center. Getting inside the bus was tricky, as there was (and still is) a limited space. Those who queued up outside in the park would often have to wait hours upon hours to get in. After a couple of years the bus ceased to attract visitors as there had been opened a new help center, and so Habbo had to remove the park along with the bus. A rare commemorative wall-furni was released following the bus's closure. Today it is one of the rarest furnis on Habbo. A couple of years later, in 2013, the bus was re-opened with Ditch The Label's campaign, sparking joy amongst users new and old. 

Over the years, over a hundred diffrent partner organizations have 'rented out' the bus to either raise awareness for their campaign, or for the purpose of advertising their product. The most notable of these organizations were, FRANK, This Is Abuse, Safer Internet Day and most recently Ditch The Label. Badges are often given out to users visiting the bus during certain campaigns, although it isn't always guaranteed. 


The bus can hold 15 Habbos at a time including a representative of the organization, plus one moderator or staff member who will lead each session. The bus is only open at certain times which will be announced on the front page of Habbo. Behaving immaturely or talking bad to eachother is not acceptable, and any user who does this is certain to be kicked out and banned from the bus.