What's asocial? 
           avoiding social interaction; inconsiderate of or hostile to others.

What's Like Being Asocial?

I always will have a guilt feeling for not being social. I tried to behave as if I'm social, but I've always find myself being around my computer on Habbo and HabboBites's radio. I could spend hours just stuck onto my screen with my avatar just in a random room looking at people socializing.

If I'm not needed I would just shut myself out. Being Asocial might sound, sad, depressing and lonely. Well its partially true. I'm just basically an introvert.  I do not seek other's companion. I hate it when people calls me especially random phone calls. 

How Do I Overcoming Becoming An Asocial? 

I do enjoy some social interaction especially if I'm comfortable around the people I know. Knowing that I like those type of social interaction. I tend to push myself to be as comfortable with people as I can.

Others can help by interacting with them. Trust me the moment they are conformable with you there's no more 'asocial' behavior around.

So do have the symptoms of being an asocial? Better change, you'll be sealed out at making friends.