In just a days time, we'll be celebrating Chinese New Year, welcoming the year of the Rooster!

It's a tradition to give out ang baos (red packets) on Chinese New Year. A red packet is an envelope-liked gift given out during holidays or special occasions - they often include money inside. Here at HabboBites, we'd like to show our appreciation by giving out red packets to all our wonderful friends!

We want you to experience the spirit of Chinese New Year! From today till the 31st of January, all HabboBites members will be entitled to their very own red packet - you can open one every day!

Character on the red packet

The chinese wording on the red packet represents 'Fu' which means 'Luck' or 'Fortune'. Fú is almost universally displayed upside-down. The reasoning is based on a wordplay: in nearly all varieties of Chinese: the words for "upside-down" (倒, Pinyin: dào) and "to arrive" (到, Pinyin: dào). Therefore, the phrase an "upside-down Fú" sounds nearly identical to the phrase "Good luck arrives".

Where can I find the red packet?

The ang bao will appear at the bottom right hand corner of the site. Simply click on it to launch the ang bao and give it one more click to reveal your prize!

What's in the red packet?

Some of the things that may be in your red packet:

  • Habbo Credits
  • Bites points
  • Items from the Bites shop
  • And other random items

Stay tuned for some Chinese New Year collectibles in the bites shop!


Wishing all our friends good health and a joyous new year!

P.S. Keep a lookout on our social media for an upcoming giveaway! Tweet us @HabboBites