Room Protection

How to get rid of bot spam 101

Wired Needed:
WIRED Triggers: User Says Keyword x 5 (1 for each vowel)
WIRED Condition: Triggering User Is On Furni x 1
WIRED Effect: Show Message x 1

Step 1
Select each of the User Says Keyword wired boxes and enter one of the vowels into each one (a, e, i, o ,u).

The example below shows the letter "a" being wired.

Step 2

Stack each wired box onto one another.

Step 3
Select the Triggering User Is On Furni Condition wired and then select the furni that habbos sit on or get teleported to once they enter the room.

Stack the condition wired on top of the Keyword wired stack.

Step 4
Select the Show Message WIRED Effect and write down a short message to make users aware that they need to walk off the seat in order to talk as shown below.

Super easy set up! Hope this guide helps.