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Ever wondered how to place a banzai simply using a keyword? Here is the way!

Wired Needed:

  • WIRED Trigger:  User Says Keyword x 1
  • WIRED Effect Match Furni To Position & State x Desired Quantity (Depends on the amount of seats you want wired + an additional box)
  • WIRED Condition: Group Member (Optional)


  • 1x1 Stack Magic Tile (Equal to the number of seats in a row you are using)
  • Banzai (Equal to the number of seats you are using)
  • Any type of seat x desired Quantity

Step 1

Firstly, place the amount of seats that you want for the game. Stack all of them at the height of 0.2 by using one of the stackers. The picture below shows the difference between a stacked seat and an unstacked seat.

If you do not stack the seats at this height, the wired will still work but the banzais will not be completely hidden underneath the chairs making it look messy.

The number of seats in each row determines the number of stack magic tiles you will need for this guide.


Step 2
Now, let's continue by wiring the 1x1 stack magic tiles. As mentioned before, the number of stack magic tiles that you need depends on the total number of seats you are using in one row. In this case, 5 stack magic tiles are needed as there are 5 seats in each row.

Step 3
Using the wired Effect Match Furni To Position & State, select the stacked tiles and make sure to tick "current position in room".

Adjust the delay time time to 0 seconds.

Note: 1 Effect Match Furni To Position & State can wire up to 5 stack tiles.

1st row

Repeat the steps above for the remaining seats.


2nd row

3rd row

4th row

Step 4

As indicated in the image below, as you wire each row, the delay on the effect needs to be increased by 1 second every box.

Step 5
Use the additional Effect Match Furni To Position & State wired and then select the stack tiles.

Set the delay to 4 seconds but do not tick "current position in room" as you did before as you have yet to place the stack tiles on the spot that you want them to return to. 


Once you have placed the stack tiles on the spot you want them to return to, you can now tick the "current position in room" option and click "Ready".

Now we are done with wiring the stack magic tiles.

Step 6
By using almost the exact same method we used for the stack tiles, we can now also wire the banzais.

First stack the banzais underneath the seats using one of the stack magic tiles set at 0.0 instead of 0.2 like before.

Next, use a new set of Effect Match Furni To Position & State wired to wire the banzais using the steps used for the stack tiles given above and repeat the same steps for the rest of the rows.

Note: Set the delay effect to 0.5 seconds rather than 0 seconds like before for the first row of banzais.

2nd row

3rd row

4th row


Like before, as you wire each row, the delay on the effect needs to be increased by 1 second every box as indicated below.


Step 7
For the final step, stack all the wired on top of one another and place a User Says Keyword wired on top of the stack.

Select the User Says Keyword wired and enter the code that you want to trigger the banzai spawn.

Step 8 (Optional)
To prevent others from accidentally triggering the banzai spawn, you may also want to consider setting up a group member condition on top of the stack.

Use the group member wired and select the group that users must be a part of in order to be able to trigger the wired.


I hope this guide is useful for you. Feel free to PM me or add Poseion on Habbo if you need assistance!