Build & Win is HabboBites' monthly room building competition! All you have to do is submit your best room design in accordance to the given theme - and you might just walk away with some very awesome prizes!

How do I participate?

Simply submit a creation, and tag it with the competition tag - your entry is now considered as submitted!

Important: You need to enter the competition tag e.g. "BUILD AND WIN OUTDOOR" in your room submission for your room to be considered. Please refer to the creations page for this month's theme.


The chosen room designer for each month will receive:

  • 20 Habbo Credits
  • 20 Bites Points
  • 1 Month of Bites Club membership
  • Build & Win Canvas Sticker

Who will judge my entry?

All submissions will be judged by HabboBites management,and selected members from the Builders Team.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Members may submit multiple different entries
  • Submissions must follow the chosen theme
  • Entries are only considered submissions when tagged with the required tag
  • There must be a minimum of 4 unique submission for the month, in order for the competition to go on
  • Your room must be an original design by you, and have an accessible room link
  • Deadline for submissions: last calendar day of the month

You can find the monthly creation theme and tag on the creations page.