[Campaign] Singapore's 52nd Birthday

Celebrate Singapore's 52nd Birthday with HabboBites! As you know HabboBites has such a deep relationship

with food. So for this time round we are going to go with two of Singapore's iconic dishes, chicken rice

and chili crab. Even Gordon Ramsey won his chicken rice challenge here! Let's not waste any more time and

get into your teams!


 [SPICY] Chili Crab

 [SHIOK] Chicken Rice  

How to get yourself in a team

• Go to the Bites Shop and purchase a campaign pack to be assigned to a random team!


How to earn team points

• Win any event hosted by our Event Organisers and you will win your team 1 point

• Win multiple points at a exclusive campaign event that will be hosted by our Management team!


Winning Team
• All team members get 25 bites points.

• 1st - 5th top contributing members get 20 credits each & 1 month bites club.

• 6th - 10th contributing members get 10 credits each. & 15 days bites club.

• Exclusive winners username icon & site achievement.


All participants
• Exclusive username icon & site achievement.

Campaign Ends on 18th August 2017 11:59PM GMT +8