Are you ready to le?

The town has been bewitched... or are the townies up to something? Either way, there's a war brewing and only one of them can take over the town for good.




How to get yourself in a team?

• Go to the Bites Shop and purchase a campaign pack to be assigned to a random team! 

How to earn team points?

• Win any event hosted by our Event Organisers and you will win your team 10 points.

• Win multiple points at a exclusive Campaign Events that will be hosted by our Management team! 

• Win multiple points for your team at exclusive Campaign Events by winning individually or working as a team. These rooms are open 24/7! (see activity section)

• Earn individual participation points in your homeroom (click your team badge and go to homeroom)

How to win?

• Participate in any or all events hosted by our event organisers (if there's one booked it will show on scheduled activities in the home page

• Each win gives 10 team points.

• Gain double points per win at special events hosted by Audemars.

• If your team wins this campaign the top 10 contributing team members wins special prizes (see prize section)


These are the activities going on for the whole month of October! You can earn multiple team points for some of the events so don't forget to save the dates when we're booked for the events. Gallows Hill will be released on the 24th of October.

Town Hunt
This halloween's general campaign event. Click here for the full article!

Witch Trials
Will you save the witches or put them on trial to burn. Click here for the full article!

Gallows Hill
Round and round they go. An interactive game! Click here for the full article!

Skull Hunt
Beware they have returned! Click here for the full article!


Winning Team

• 1st - 5th top contributing members get 20 credits each & 100 Bites Points

• 6th - 10th contributing members get 10 credits each. & 50 Bites Points

• Exclusive winners username icon.

NOTE: ONLY if you have contributed 100 points to YOUR team.

• All winners will receive a site achievement.

All participants

• All participants will receive 50 Bites Points.

• Exclusive username icon & site achievement.

NOTE: ONLY if you have contributed 100 points to YOUR team.

• All participants will receive a site achievement.