Hello wabbits and eggos! Are your ready to hunt for eggs this easter?

For the month of March get your hunting game on!


• Rooms open every Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 12th of March.

• Once the rooms are open, they will stay open.

• You are to count these particular (shown below) items in each room.

• Interact with the items around the room can be a chair to any flower or any item walkable or interactable

• You can say the secret code "Is that an egg?" with walkable items etc if there are extremely hidden eggs.

• Gather your answers carefully, do not lose them as the poll to submit the answers opens on 31st March.

• The poll will be open on THIS ARTICLE ITSELF!

• You must submit before 2nd April or the poll will be closed.

• Click here for the entrance or search hbegghunt / if all else fails search Audemars.


• One entry per person.

• Check your answers carefully as you can only send in once.

• Example to submit your answers shown below.

  Total Eggs: 6900

  • Deadline - 2nd April 2018 11:55PM GMT +8


• 1st Prize - 100 Credits & 100 Team Points

• 2nd Prize - 50 Credits & 50 Team Points

• 3rd Prize - 20 Credits & 20 Team Points

All correct answers will be put in a randomizer if there are more than 3 winners.


All participants who gives an answers will receive 10 bites points & 2 team points 
and an exclusive site achievement!