Season of love.. or heartbreak?

"Chance" - Means to hit on.


• Take a picture (screenshot) from behind your pixel (habbo) camera.

• Your picture must include the habbo you want to "chance"

• All photo/post must start with "Season to Chance!"

• Describe why you want to chance your crush, starting with "This year I want to chance (insert crush's name here)

• Look at the example shown below

Season to Chance!
This year I want to chance Funkyhabbo as always, he can reject me every year but I will chance him every year.


• One entry per person, multiple entries will be invalid. 

• Entries must include your screenshot, title and description.

• Post your entry on the feed with the tag #seasonofchance

• Entries & posts that are deleted before the username icon or site achievement is given out will not be awarded the icon or achievement

• Deadline - 17th February 2019 11:55PM GMT +8


• 1st Prize - 20 Credits & 20 Bites Points 

• 2nd Prize - 10 Credits & 10 Bites Points

• 3rd Prize - 5 Credits & 5 Bites Points


All participants will receive an exclusive username icon!