We're looking for builders to join our team!

As you know HabboBites always builds the "exact same" rooms, we're looking for people who can build those "exact same" rooms.

Activity 1

• Build and wire a room fit for a badge event.

• Games should have a difficulty of at least medium to hard.

• It can be a timed game/queue game.

• You don't have to build an extremely fancy room, as long as it's pleasant.

• We're not looking for guide the bot games or *Pick up * and say done.

• We're looking for at least 2 builders to join the bulders team.

Activity 2

• Build and wire simple interactive rooms

• You can build fancy and detailed, decorative rooms.

• These interactive games can be the ones that are picking up items or interacting with items

• We're looking for at least 2 builders to join the Campaigns and Competitions team.


• You can submit multiple entries (multiple game rooms)

• Post a screenshot of your room on the feed with the tag #wiredmania

• You must indicate in your feed post which activity you are participating in.

• Tag your rooms with #wiredmania (so that judges can enter and test the game)

• Deadline - 9 December 2019 11:55PM GMT +8

(Deadlines can be extended if needed. Only if the majority agrees)


Activity 1

• 2 Builders - 30C Each & 14 Day HC

Activity 2

• 2 Builders - 20C Each & 1 Month Bites Club


All participants will receive an exclusive username icon!