Welcome to my first food review on this site! I am going to be publishing these at least 3 times a week! Anyway, Here's my first review:

Yesterday I took part in a big band concert! Not that big, just a group of peers playing trumpets, tubas, etc. anyway, after that, I decided to treat myself with a DQ funnel cake & ice cream meal. I chose caremel (which gets all over the funnel cake) and started eating. The funnel cake was
smaller than expected, but still great. It came with a small soft serve, which was more delicious that the funnel cake itself! The funnel cake got sticky and a bit wet from the Caramel. The caremel goo made it good and a bit bad at the same time. The funnel cake was a bit doughy, and was squishy. But the cake mixed with the soft serve was GREAT. Anyway, that's my first review! Tune in later for more!