What is Supporters Hub?

It is a feature that all HabboBites donors will receive! Donors who donate at least 50 Habbo Credits (cumulative) will get access to our very own Supporters Hub.


What can you do on Supporters Hub?

Once you are granted access to the supporters hub, there are tools for you to suggest your ideas and feedback a little more directly to the site and share it with other supporters in the hub, to always help HabboBites progress into a well rounded site.



Rewards: Goodies

In the supporters hub you are able to collect free goodies! The more you contribute, the more goodies you will be able to unlock! Don't worry about spending them, because your total contributions, cumulatively (TC) will never go down,

Donor Shop

In supporters hub you get access to the special Donor Shop! Some items can be purchased with your donor points! For every credit donated, you gain a donor point. Once you've purchased something under extras, your donor points will be deducted. But you can always donate again!




As you can see these are some of the cool goodies you will be able to claim!



Donor Shop

As you are credited a donor point per credit that you've donated to the site, you'll be able to use the points seperately from your total contributions to shop for bites points, bites club as well as some cool editing tools. Bet some of you didn't know you can claim bites points by donating!



Click here to find out more about HabboBites Donations Scheme!

If you have any questions about our Support Hub or would like to donate, let me know in the comments and I will help you out!


With your help, let's together make HabboBites a place that always has room for improvement!