If only it was possible to bring myself out of this hell.

NOTE: You need to collect at least 3 badges, one from each week to be able to obtain the bonus badge. The previous rooms closes when the next one opens. So collect the badges on time.


18th - HabboQuests
18th - HFFM

24th - Habbox
24th - HabboBites

31st - RPG
31st - HBC
31st - Bonus Badge

Step 1

Enter the teleport shown below.


Step 2

Enter the gates to start the game.


Use the items highlighted below. Flick the 3 switches, use the cut roses, and go through the black one way gate.

Once all 5 tiles have turned red, step onto the arrow tiles to be teleported.

Step 3

Use the Pile o' Balls to receive your badge!