Back in the good old days, Habbos could design their very own Habbo homepage (profile) - by purchasing stickers, notepads, and backgrounds to furnish their profile.

However, Habbo had a complete makeover of their website, forcing the old user homepage feature to be removed.

There were concerns over how Habbos would be compensated as some of them spent hundreds of credits on their profile pages, but fret not! There'll be two compensation rewards given out.


The two compensation rewards are:

Habbo badge

The star badge is a reference to the old profile voting system, where Habbos could rate each other's homepage

Habbo homepage wall poster

What's new: When double clicked, a popup will appear, showing a screenshot of your old Habbo profile.

Who will receive the compensation gift?

Habbos who customised their Habbo Home page in recent years.


What's your view on the compensation rewards? I personally find the poster really cool, especially since they store a screenshot of your entire homepage and it can still be seen by everyone.