Same old game!

Just a more colourful room this time.

Step 1

Walk on the arrow tile to get into the horse jump queue.

When the game starts get on the good side stool and complete the obstacles,
using the one way gates and stump chairs. Do not step on the red tile or walk back
on any tile or stump chairs or it will toggle the tile colours, all tile must be yellow.

Once you've turned all the tiles yellow, the gate will open. Walk on it to teleport.

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 2

Only walk when the zombie is facing right.

GAME: 5 Minutes

Get to the end of the path and avoid all the zombies.
There're pockets of safe spaces highlighted in yellow below.

NOTE: If you walk on the red tile you're out of the game. 
But if you are hit by the zombie you'll just tele back to the start.

Complete the one way gates. The front gate will rotate 15 seconds before the timer ends.
So complete within the 4.5 minutes that you have!

Enter the teleporter show below.

Step 3

Pick a badge. you'll have to redo the second room to get your second badge (both badges)

Enter the teleport shown below to go back to the second room!