Did you just say "Expecto Patronum"?

Cause there's something white and silvery erupting from your wand.

Step 1

Start your journey through Azakaban by waiting in line for your turn!


Use the arrow tiles to guide the bot to the Stella Tile highlighted in pink. Once the bot is on the tile, step on the green tile

Step 2

Enter the teleporter shown below.

Step 3

Step on the gates, and wait till the conversations between the bots end.

Step 4

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 5

Wait patiently in line once again for your turn.

Get through the one way gates before the bot reaches the end.

Tip: Wait before using the final one way gate. Once the guard moves away, enter the gate and walk past the guard.

Step 6

Step on the tile highlighted below to get receive your secret badge.

Step 7

Enter the teleporter shown below.

Step 8


Stop the Soul Eaters from getting to the halo tiles. Flick the switches when the Soul Eaters are on the red tile. 

Step 9

Enter the teleporter shown below.

Step 10

Flick the switch till the trophy is on the tile highlighted in pink.

Step 11

Say "keep azkaban" while on the green tile, OR "close azkaban" while on the pink tile.

Step 12

Enter the teleporter shown below.

Step 13

Sit on the ship to receive your badge!