Rumble in the Jungle

Take a walk on the wild side!

Step 1

Enter the teleport.

Step 2

Follow the path highlighted below.

Enter the teleport.

Step 3

Find the correct placement for each fruit basket to proceed. Stand on the tiles highlighted below and say either Melon, Lemon or Apple to place the corresponding fruit basket next to the sloth. The correct combination of fruits is random (therefore there are 6 possible combinations). Say Done once done to proceed. If you have the incorrect combination, you will not teleport and the fruit baskets will reset for you to try again.

Enter the teleport.

Step 4

Wait patiently in the queue shown below.

Once in the game, you have 30 seconds to stand on the two sardines and two salmons highlighted in blue. Afterwards, you must step on the halo tile highlighted in orange and say Done to proceed. You must do all of this whilst avoiding the cats.

Note: The cats can move over the Classic BB Blocks but you can't.

Enter the teleport.

Step 5

Step on the correct grass to proceed. The correct grass is random and constantly changing.

Flick the switch highlighted in blue below whilst avoiding the moving wolves.

Note: You will be sent back to the long grass below if you are hit by the wolves.

Enter the teleport.

Step 6

Use the water pump highlighted below.

Make your way across the rollers and through the one way gate to proceed. You must avoid being blocked or getting hit by the firefly jars or you will be sent back.

Enter the teleport.

Step 7

Each of the cursed tiles highlighted in blue will give you a different coloured helmet. You must step on each cursed tile, collect its corresponding helmet and step on the halo tile highlighted in orange. You must do this for each helmet colour which will turn the slope lights green. Say Done once complete to proceed.

Note: Avoid stepping on the spikes or else you will lose your helmet.

Enter the teleport.

Step 8

Step on each of the colour tiles shown below and say their corresponding food items before you teleport off:

  • Say Turtle on the purple tile
  • Say Leg of Lamb on the orange tile
  • Say Winter City Sweets on the blue tile

Tip: Pre-type the food items so you are able to state them in time.

 Say Done once finished to proceed.

Enter the teleport.

Step 9

Use the Classic BB Ticket Machine highlighted below.

Step on the hay bale highlighted in blue to proceed. You must avoid getting hit by the scarecrows along the way.

Use the well highlighted in blue to collect some water. Say Pour whilst stood on a tile along the blue line to proceed.

Note: You must be carrying water to proceed.

Stand on any of the tiles along the blue line and say Pet when the chicken is in the position shown below.

Use the vegetable stalls until you find the correct one. The correct stall is random and constantly changing.

Say Feed to proceed.

Enter the teleport.

Step 10

Listen to the bot who will give four animal facts in a specific order. You must match each fact to one of the four animals behind the switches. You must then flick the switches in front of each animal in the order the facts were given. The order of the facts is random every time. Say Done once finished to proceed. A list of the facts and their corresponding animals has been given below:

Armadillo: Lifespan ranges from 4 to 30 years.

Buffalo: Can grow to 6-7 feet long, weighing up to 2,000lbs.

Goat: Were one of the first domesticated animals.

Owl: Do most of their hunting on foot.

Enter the teleport.

Step 11

Enter the teleport.

Step 12

Flick one of the three switches to choose an alpaca.

Wait for the alpacas to finish the race. If the alpaca you chose wins the race, you will proceed. If your alpaca doesn't win, you will be sent back and will need to try again. The winner of each race is completely random.

Enter the teleport.

Step 13

Step on the tile highlighted below.

Avoid getting hit by the poo and make your way to the tile highlighted below.

Note: You will be sent to the beginning of the room if you get hit.

Flick the three switches highlighted and say Done when finished to proceed.

Enter the teleport.

Step 14

Say Offer food to receive your badge!