We all are aware of the love that every mother has, it's the unconditional love. But, mothers aren't the only people who love unconditionally. Fathers are the man in the family, usually providing shelter, food, protection and finance into the family. Fathers also love us no matter who we are or what we've done. Let us all appreciate the man in the family by celebrating Father's Day!

Father's Day falls on June 19th this year, while it is known today as Father's Day, not every country celebrates this valuable day together at the same time.

I'm quite certain that most of you hesitate to show appreciation by saying a simple "I love you daddy" or "Thank you for loving me daddy" to your father(s). We all hesitate at one point. Since today is Father's Day, why not conquer the fear and express your feelings to your dad about how you really feel? 

This could be of a help to anyone who finds difficulty in speaking out. This is what I would say:

Hey dad! Happy Father's Day! I know today is specially known for your day and I just want to say that you've given me more than you could ever imagine, not  just shelter or food or money, but most importantly you've shown me your love and I've acknowledged that. I know you've tried your best in taking care of your kids and I really appreciate your effort , don't change dad; your the best on being who you are!

Every father struggle with something, because they want to do their best to provide for the family. Fathers might not show how much they love you but deep down, a mother's love and a father's love are equal - they love you more than who you are.

If you want to express more than just a speech to your dad, you can always:

  • Make a card for your dad.  This shows that making someone happy always requires effort.
  • Take care of a dad's duties. You can start off with cleaning up his computer, doing the laundry, cooking food etc.
  • Make breakfast for him. When your dad is still in bed, try making a simple breakfast for him to enjoy.
  • Give him time & space.  After a long day of trying to please your dad, give him time to relax and space to think.

Celebrating Father's Day is entirely up to you to show how much you really appreciate your father. He has dedicated his life to you, now dedicate your day to him.

To every reader, I wish you and your family a very