Picking Professions

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Step 1

Enter the teleport shown below.

Step 2

Wait patiently in the queue shown below.

Once in the game you have around 20 seconds to complete the bot's order. The bot's order will consist of a drink, a syrup and potentially a milk as well. In the image below, the drinks are highlighted in blue, the syrups are highlighted in peach and the milks are highlighted in red. Flick the switch highlighted in green once you have used all of the furni/switches that correspond to the items requested in the bot's order.

Drinks from left to right: smoothie, coffee, espresso and tea.

Syrups from left to right: caramel, blueberry, peach and raspberry.

Milks from left to right: milk and coconut milk

Note: Some items will require you to use the item itself whilst others will require you to flick the switch underneath them.

Enter the teleport.

Step 3

Use the hospital cabinet highlighted below.

Use the switch highlighted below.

Use the switch highlighted below.

Use the switch highlighted below.

Stand next to the doctor and say Done to proceed.

Enter the teleport.

Step 4

Stand on the spaceship door highlighted below.

Stand on the green tile to enter the game. Once in the game, you must state the name of each food item when stood in its corresponding lane before you roll onto the red tiles. 

The order of food items is given below:

  • Cabbage
  • Exotic Fruits
  • Christmas Meat
  • Sunlight City Delicacies
  • Salmon
  • Chilled Drinks
  • Choco-Bunny
  • Carrot

Note: If you say the name of a food item when in the wrong lane, you will be sent back to the start. Hence, you are unable to simply copy and paste the entire list of words.

Enter the teleport.

Step 5

Without falling off the rollers, flick the four switches highlighted below in order to turn the colour tiles green. Once complete, step on either of the arrow plates to proceed.

Enter the teleport.

Step 6

Sit on any of the chairs shown below to receive your badge!