Time to roll in Bites Points!

Here's an updated guide on how to bank in on Bites Points!

Tune in to our Radio

Earn: 2 Bites Points

Catch our DJs on air and tune in to their show for at least 50 minutes!

Win a game hosted by our Event Organisers

Earn: 5 Bites Points / 6 Bites Points with Bites Club

Attend and participate in our events for a chance to win a Prize Code! Once you've won an Event/Game
our Event Organiser will send you a Prize Code. You can check your HabboBites DM to redeem the 
Prize Code. All Prize Codes must be redeemed within 12 hours!

Weekly Site Competitions

Earn: 20 / 10 / 5 Bites Points

Participate in our site competitions hosted by our Campaigns & Competitions Team, three winners 
weekly. You can earn coins as well as exclusive username icons!


Earn: 5 - 100 Bites Points

Planned and hosted by the Campaigns & Competitions Team, each seasonal or special event Campaigns
are active for at least one month. There are many activities and events from each Campaign that
you are able to participate from auto games to hosted events to completing guides! Watch out
for upcoming campaigns on our homepage or Bites Shop! Where you can join a team!

Canvas Madness

Earn: 50 Bites Points

Join in the fun and create your own canvas for the month! All stickers and content is free for
canvas madness! You can find this feature under the menu Fun!

Who's that habbo?

Earn: 3 Bites Points

You have 3 chances daily / 5 chances with Bites Club, to guess a random Habbo. The user is
an active HabboBites member or a recently logged on member. 

Win a TTT Match!

Earn: 3 Bites Points

You can create 3 random matches daily, win any of these random matches to earn your bites points!
Note you're only able to get the bites points from the random matches.

Catch a Duckie

Earn: 1-20 Bites Points

Catch a duck on our site and automatically earn some Bites Points. The ducks appear throughout
the day, so catch them when you see one! Bites Points vary with the rarity of the ducks. 

Daily Gifts

Earn: 2-5 Bites Points

We've hidden some Bites Points in those pile of gifts for some lucky users! On seasonal holidays or
special events, Festive Gifts will take over and the rewards are more delicious!

NOTE: Bites Points rewards are also availabe to staff (please check with your managers)