What are BBCodes?

BBCodes allows you to style your content on HabboBites e.g. on the feed wall, and profile pages. 

How can I activate BBCodes?

In order to use BBCodes, you'll need to purchase the addon from the Bites shop. However, your content with BBCodes will be visible to all users regardless of whether they have the addon.

List of BBCodes

Bold text

[b]HabboBites[/b] HabboBites

Italicise text

[i]HabboBites[/i] HabboBites

Underline text

[u]HabboBites[/u] HabboBites


[s]HabboBites[/s] HabboBites


[url]https://habbobites.com/shop[/url] https://habbobites.com/shop

[url=https://habbobites.com/shop]HabboBites Shop[/url] HabboBites Shop




[color=red]HabboBites[/color] HabboBites

Countdown (Feed post only)

[countdown]Valid time format[/countdown]

E.g. '24 September 2017', 'Next Monday', 'Tomorrow'