Infobus sessions with Habbo Ambassadors

Hope you don't miss out!

NOTE: Answers & Room links may change, it will be updated if there's any changes.

Step 1

Enter the correct infobus room (or click the link above)
Then proceed to get in line to enter the infobus.

Step 2

Attend the infobus session and enter the teleporter once it's been placed.

Step 3

Say "Start" in order to begin answering telephrase questions.

1. True
2. 14
3. Topohipster
4. True
5. True
6. True
7. Banner
8. False
9. Password

Flick the switch once you have answered all the questions to receive your badge!

May Sessions

Take note of these dates and timing (they might change)

18th May
Ambassador Infobus Session
Time: 7 PM EDT / 12AM BST / 9 AM AEDT (19th May)
Singapore: 7AM (19th May)
Location: Ambassador Infobus Park
Hosted by: Fable & .Tubes.

21st May
Lounge with the Ambassadors
Time: 6PM EDT / 11 PM BST / 8AM AEST (22nd May)
Singapore: 6AM (22nd May)
Location: HC Lounge
Hosted by: NA Ambassador Team

28th May
Ambassador Infobus Session
Time: 8 PM EDT / 1 AM BST (29th May) / 10 AM AEST (29th May)
Singapore: 8AM (29th MAY)
Location: Ambassador Infobus Park
Hosted by: Zarek