Introducing... Canvases! A throwback to the popular Habbo Groups feature!

Canvases are a fun way for you to express yourself and share content! They are just like what its name suggests - a blank canvas, and you decide what goes on it!

About canvases

HabboBites Canvases can be purchased* from the Bites shop (even to non-BC members), and canvases can be used for almost anything! (as long as it doesn't violate our Terms of Service)

E.g. competition pages, informative/educational content etc.

What can I do with a canvas?

  • Show off content you enjoy, by adding videos, images, and text content
  • Personalise your canvas any way you like using our widgets

Who can view my canvas?

  • Your canvas can be accessed directly via the unique canvas link
  • You can also pin up to two canvas or profile tabs on your profile
  • Only you can edit your canvas

Coming soon

  • More unique site widgets
  • Canvas-related competitions


We'd also like to thank all our beta testers who helped us squash all the yucky bugs! Check your widgets inventory for a little thank-you token from us!


*Contains additional purchasable addons.