Through our content submission tool, we've seen how eager and good you guys are at sharing amazing content like: food reviews, travel blogs and your personal take on certain issues.

We're happy to introduce our brand new Blogs feature!

What are blogs?

Unlike conventional articles, you get full control over your blog - this means you get to create new posts, and the ability to edit and delete whenever you want. You're also allowed to post any content, as long as they do not violate our Terms of Service.

For example: travel diaries, food reviews etc.

You'll also earn achievements and hidden achievements for your blog posts. E.g. unlocking certain awards for posting a certain type of content. You'll need to discover them yourself!


Add as many notes as you want to your blog to give it a more personal touch, and highlight any important information. We'll be adding more widgets for you to further customise your blog soon. Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are blogs free?: Like most of our awesome addons, you'll need to purchase them from the Bites shop (you get free Bites points by being active throughout the site, so it's actually free!)

How many blogs can I own?: Each user can only create 1 blog. However, you can make unlimited number of posts.

Do I need BBCode to post?: You do not need the BBCode addon for your blog posts, they're included free within your blogs.

Will Content Editors edit my blog posts?: Unlike content submitted via our content submission page, your blog posts are personal, and will be not be altered by anyone.

Who can see my blog?: Blogs are public, and can be accessed by both members and non-members.


You can purchase blogs from the Bites Shop.