Event goers, this one's for you!

We have come up with an exciting new way for you to be recognised for your active participation in our events! Introducing... Medal Madness! Special thanks to Edolas for the suggestion!

What's Medal Madness?

Starting 1st May 2017, we'll be keeping track of your event wins on a leaderboard. So the more events you win, the higher you'll be up on the leaderboard! At the end of each month, the members who have accumulated the most event wins will be crowned Gold and Silver medalist respectively. Everyone else who accumulates at least 5 event wins for the month will be a Bronze medalist!

About the medals

The medals are site username icons, designed by Felidae. But here's the catch: the Gold and Silver medals are not yours to keep forever! They'll be handed over to the new champions at the end of each month. However, the Bronze medal (given to everyone who accumulates 5 or more wins in a month) will be permanently yours.

To summarise:

- Member with most wins for the month: Gold Medalist (gets to keep icon for 1 month)

- Member with second most wins for the month: Silver Medalist (gets to keep icon for 1 month)

- Members who win at least 5 events for the month: Bronze Medalist (gets to keep icon permanently)

Additional info

- Only Event wins will be counted - so radio prize code competitions will not be counted

- The Gold and Silver Medals will only be awarded if at least 5 wins were achieved

- In the event there is a tie (two or more) for the Gold Medal, all ties will be given the Silver Medal, and no Silver Medal will be awarded

- In the event there is a tie for the Silver Medal (two or more), no Silver Medal will be awarded

- If there is a tie for the Gold Medal, multiple Gold Medals will be shown on the leaderboard

- The Gold and Silver Medal username icons will be removed on the first day of the following month, regardless of whether it was used


Are you ready to be on that podium? Check out our events schedule and get your game on!