Ripped Through The Blue Shade

46 new items are arriving in the hotel soon! Are you excited?

Zen Glass Pond

Zen Uplighter

Zen Garden Roof

Crafted Stone Bench

Zen Bonsai Tree

Crafted Stone Table

Zen Divider

Mossy Zen Rocks

Zen Frog Statue

Zen Bamboo


Zen Glass Door

Zen Garden Plank

Zen Garden Roof Corner

Zen Shrub

Zen Garden Fountain

Pebbled Floor Tile

Long Wavy Locks

Round Tree

Hotel Staircase

Hotel Roof

Roof Corner

Hotel Rail

Hotel Swimming Pool

Courtyard Fountain

Hotel Foundation

Cypress Tree

Tall Hotel Wall

Lower Hotel Wall

Hotel Awning

New Teal Rares

Teal Marquee

Teal Chest of Light

Teal Road Barrier

Teal Amber Lamp

Teal Dragon Lamp

Teal Powered Fan

Teal Fountain

Teal Ice Cream Maker

Teal Parasol

Doric Teal Pillar

Teal Pillow

Teal Spaceship Door

Teal Laser Portal

Teal Duman Makinesi

Teal Elephant Statue

Teal Oriental Screen

Teal Sleeping Bag



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