Why is Santa so mean!

Step 1

Wait patiently in this queue.

Once in the game, you have 1 minute to complete the entire game. If you die at any point throughtout this, you'll have to restart.

Make your way through the rollers to the red tile to turn it green and go back to the white pillow.

Make your way through the one way gates without stepping on the brown tiles. 

Make your way around the square while avoiding the circulating presents, stepping on the red tile to open the gate to get through. Note that once you step on the gate, you'll activate the next section.

Make your way through the pillows and step onto the roller only when the green tile is on it. Step on the stella tile to be teleported. Flick the switch to receive your first badge.

Enter teleport.

Step 2

Use the Santa's mailing shelves until you receive your badge (the correct one is random).