5 minutes of site activity!

That's all you need to claim your daily gift.

We recently implemented a site activity feature in order to claim your daily gift. Listen to a song or two and that's all the 5 minutes you need. Got no 5 minutes to spare? No problem, no big deal you try every other day. 


These are some of the activites you can do to past the time.

NOTE: You must be active throughout the 5 minutes, no idling or your 5 minutes will reset.

• Comment on an article or feed post.

• Interact with users by posting on their profile pages.

• Post on the community feed.

• Submit your creation.

• Create forum threads.

• Reply to forum threads.

• Play our Guess Who game.

• Start a tic-tac-toe match. 

• Reply/respond to your tic-tac-toe matches.


We currently have a lot of site related prizes. For those who are hunting for fancy furni, we will try to get some furni to the list. In the mean time, we do hope for patience as habbo furni is not going anywhere anytime soon and we will work at it the best we can.