It's halloween and those spooky haunted houses are calling out to you! 

What hides in the basement by day and comes alive at night? What crawls away by the morning light and creeps up to you by night?


• Build a haunted house.

• Room must include 3 furni from the new Cursed Caves line.


• One entry per person, multiple entries will be invalid. 

• Entries that are submitted of any Habbo premade bundles will be disqualified 

• Post your entry on the feed with the tag #spooktoberhouse

• Screenshot of your room must include your Habbo information

• Entires that are submitted without your Habbo information will be disqualified

• Entries that are suspected of building on a Habbo Retro site, will be questioned and asked for valid proof (room link) or entry will be revoked 

• Deadline - 29th October 2017 11:55PM GMT +8


• 1st Prize - 20 Credits & 20 Bites Points 

• 2nd Prize - 10 Credits & 10 Bites Points

• 3rd Prize - 5 Credits & 5 Bites Points

All participants will receive an exclusive username icon!