As many of you here know, Singapore and some nearby countries have been undergoing extremely hot weather these days. Here are some tips for you guys to stay healthy in this warm period!

1. Wear loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing, especially in the daytime. The loose-fitting clothing will allow better ventilation and when wind passes through the clothes, thus cooling your body. Also, light-coloured clothing will not absorb heat as well as dark-coloured clothing do, so you won't feel so warm.

2. Hydrate yourself frequently. The heat will dehydrate you easily, so it's extremely important for you to drink up. Avoid caffeine and alcohol because they dehydrate you further, but if you consume them, remember to drink even more water to offset it!

3. Reduce activities during the hottest time of the day, and stay in the shade as much as possible. Avoiding direct sunlight during its strongest times can help you with cooling down.

4. Plan exercise and activies in the cooler hours of the day. Of course, when you are active in the cooler period, you won't feel warm so easily. 

5. Wear plenty of sunblock! Even if you're at home, the UV rays from the sun is able to penetrate through the windows of your home. Keep your skin safe! 

6. Be aware of heat-induced illnesses and their possibly symptoms. In the case of you or someone you know suffering from heat-induced illness, you will know what to do. If the condition worsens, seek professional medical help as soon as possible.


I hope this short list is helpful to you in keeping yourself healthy in the warm weather. 

Do leave some comments and your own tips on keeping healthy in this hot weather!