There are many that dwell in the trees, look at them closely the might let you peek. 

For the whole month of October you are going to hunt for the 12 items of Habboween.


• Rooms open every Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Once the rooms are open, they will stay open.

• You are to count one particular item in every room.

• If you see something icky on the ground make sure to ask "Who's out there?" 

• Interacting with the items around the room will not hurt.

• Gather your answers carefully and do not lose them as the poll to submit the answers will be open on 30th October! 

• Click here to go to the entrance or search hbdarkforest / if all else fails search Audemars for Dark Forest!

Rooms & Items

1. Zombie Butler

2. Black Vulture

3. Pumpkin 

4. Glass Bottle 2 

5. Meat Bingue 

6. Fairy Statue

7. Spiked Skull 

8. Rattle Snake

9. The Lost Skull

10. Legs Tarantina

11. Pile of Bones

12. African Bones


• One entry per person.

• Check your answers carefully as you can only send in once.

• Copy and paste the item list above and write you answers beside it.

• Example to submit your answers shown below (copy and paste the list above and just add in your answers at the end)

  "1. Zombie Butler - 6

   2. Black Vulture - 9

   3. Pumpkin - 69"

  • Deadline - 3rd November 2017 11:55PM GMT +8


• 1st Prize - 50 Credits

• 2nd Prize - 20 Credits

• 3rd Prize - 10 Credits

All correct answers will be put in a randomizer if there are more than 3 winners.


All participants who gives 12 answers will receive 50 bites points & an exclusive site achievement!