A mysterious case of twins!

Are these two living their lives as one person?

April 11th 1963, 8:10 a.m. June Alison Gibbons is born, 10 minutes later Jennifer Lorraine Gibbons is born. Both being born in Barbados but raised in Wales, the younger twin Jennifer seemed to be the stronger twin, more alert and physically robust than her older sister although they saw it the opposite way. As youths in Wales they were of ethnic minority, and were bullied to the extent of being released from class early to escape the bullies. Time went on and, struggling to find friends they began a pact; Only talking with each other in their own 'language' which bore resemblance to that of a bird chirping -But was later discovered to be highly sped up English- at all times. As time went on the game never ended, They were separated in school with hopes of them becoming more socially adept but to no avail. Their condition declined, going home each night to lock themselves in their bedrooms. After school finished the two 17 year old twins seemed to live in their bedroom, with their mother having to slide mail and food under the door daily. In 1981 they were both gifted red leather bound journals for Christmas gifts, and began writing diaries, the hopes of them showing what they really felt came true but not in the way which was expected.

A horrifying truth was discovered -Jennifer had began to become envious of June, as June noticed, they began to unleash a hatred for one another- and the diaries brought light to their views. Jennifer's diary shows her true feelings in this quotation: 'We have become fatal enemies in each other's eyes. We feel the irritating deadly rays come out of our bodies, stinging each other's skin. I say to myself, can I get rid of my own shadow - impossible or not possible? Without my shadow, would I die? Without my shadow, would I gain life, be free or left to die? Without my shadow, which I identify with a face of misery, deception, murder.'

Junes diary shows her realization of Jennifer's resentment towards her as it states the following:
'I am seeing Jennifer for the first time like she is seeing me. I think she is slow, cold, has no respect and talks too much; but she thinks I am the same. We are both holding each other back, she wants us to be equal. There is a murderous gleam in her eye. Dear Lord, I am scared of her. She is not normal. She is having a nervous breakdown. Someone is driving her insane. It is me. '

Not long after this at age 18 they began dating two American brothers and lost their virginity. The Americans dumped them shortly after and the twins suffered psychologically, they had no money or jobs so they began committing petty crimes. They choked each other to gain attention and finally were noticed when they began burning down buildings. They went to court for arson but were deemed mentally unstable. They were sent to a high security mental institution, and placed on opposite ends of the institution, without contact with one another. The nurses began to notice oddities in their behavior. As they watched them, they would often be mimicking each others actions perfectly, withholding the same positions, eating habits and self inflicting the same harm to themselves. The girls had no way of knowing where the other was or what they were doing.

After a while they were moved to another lower security institution where author Marjorie Wallace befriended them in order to write a biography about them, astonishingly they befriended her quickly and began to talk to her. 
At the age of 29, the twins were due to be transferred to another institution, and on her last visit, Jennifer looked to Marjorie and said:
'Marjorie, Marjorie, Marjorie, I'm going to have to die. We've decided.'

Later that day as they were being transported to the new institution, Jennifer died. June recounted that Jennifer turned to her and said 'This is it i'm going to die now' before resting her head on June's shoulder and falling asleep with her eyes open. Her body was examined and the cause of death determined to be of natural causes -Over swelling of the heart- and what made matter even creepier is the poem June wrote for Jennifer's headstone. June wrote on her gravestone:
we once were two / we two made one / no more two / through life be one / Rest in peace.
It is believed that the twins thought in order to live a normal life, they couldn't both continue living, and that through one of them dying, both would live a normal life. The strange conclusion to their story is that June was released from the institution and labelled sane again, She went on to live a relatively normal life, and to this day, lives on her own, with a poor social life. 

So what do you guy's think? Are they now living as one person? Let me know your thoughts and conspiracy theories on the Case of the Silent Twins.