Boot Camp

When did you last train?

NOTE: Do not use Habbo Mobile to complete this as Step 5 requires you to push puzzle boxes which is impossible on mobile.

Step 1

Enter the teleporter

Step 2

Get through the maze by stepping on the coloured tiles only when the dog is on it. Otherwise, you will be teleported back to start.

Enter the teleporter

Step 3

Avoid the moving dirt floors, or you will be teleported back to the start. Step on black doormats for all three lanes.

Once completed, you will receive your first badge.

Enter the teleporter

Step 4

Complete the telephrase with the answers below.

1. 1775

2. Medal Of Honor

3. Theodore Roosevelt

4. Fort Bragg

5. Maryland

6. Women's Army Corps

7. Semper Fidelis

8. David L. Goldfein

9. 2005

10. Sycron´╗┐

Enter the teleporter 

Step 5

Wait in line for your turn.

You have 2 minutes to complete this. Move the puzzle boxes to the coloured tiles. Once all the boxes are on the colour tiles, enter the gate that opens.

The switch would reset all boxes if you made a wrong move.

Enter the teleporter

Step 6

Wait for the gate to open to enter.

You have 30 seconds to complete this. Avoid the spiders and survive as long as you can. Run for the fire when the timer is at 00:10.

You will receive your second badge once done.

Enter the teleporter

Step 7

Get to the other side without stepping on the sandbags.

Get up the logs without falling off.

Finish the snake maze.

Say move to teleport.

Enter teleport.

Step 8

Use the tiki lei.

Use the fuchsia bush.

Use the pink pandemic.

Use the compass.

Sit on the mossy log.

Once all the colour tiles are green, say done to open the crime divider which stays open for 10 seconds.

Enter teleport.

Step 9

Sit on this seat as shown for your third badge.

Enter teleport.

Step 10

Use the Pile o' Balls for your last badge.