A simple word search on Google tells us that "Labour (spelt Labor in U.S.)" means "work, especially physical work".

Labour Day is a holiday held every year to celebrate the achievements of all workers and is celebrated in many countries such as Australia, the U.S., Canada, New Zealand and even in Singapore and Bangladesh. Most of these countries celebrate Labour Day on 1 May while countries like Canada and the U.S., it is celebrated on the first Monday of September and considered the official end of the summer holiday for most of the respective countries, as public school and university students return to school around that day. 

So... technically, Labour Day is a day meant for everyone to take a rest, relax and have fun! P.S. this doesn't exclude us students too.

I've made a list of activities that perhaps you might want to try part-taking during this year's Labour Day:

  • Visit local landmarks that you've been to or even better, to those you haven't been to. Take it as though you're a "tourist", snap many pictures with the people you're going with, your family, friends or partner. Trust me, it's going to be hell lot of fun!
  • Go on shopping! This option is best for people who rarely go shopping or people with like 3 T-shirts and 1 Jeans who alternates them everyday (not judging...>_>). Expand your wardrobe, realise how self-presentation is important, of course, go for styles within your comfort zones, unless you're feeling adventurous.
  • Have a picnic at gardens, be it public or private. How many city-dwellers like us ever stopped and relax to feel the breeze against our faces whilst enjoying finger-food like sandwiches, biscuits, fruits coupled with thirst quenchers like juice or wine? You you realise how beautiful our world is. 
  • Engage in activities that are of your interests, i.e. Hobbies. If you like sketching (like me, hehe), take a few hours to complete a picture of let's say a puppy, a house or even fashion designs. If you like singing, go download karaoke versions of songs and record your voice! If you like sports, go out to play and perspire! Of course, do these things with safety in mind
  • Alternatively, come on Habbo and chat with your friends :) 

LEAVE YOUR PAPER WORK ELSEWHERE! GO ON AND ENJOY THIS DAY! WE ALL DESERVE IT! However, if you are rushing to complete a project, paperwork or have a test/exam next week; perhaps leave this day for another day. Prioritise what's important.

I hope that everyone will have a blast! Happy Labour's Day everybuggy <3