Preventing The Zzz

For the not so wired savvy

Hello everyone! This is my first time writing a wired guide and I will be showing you guys the simple set up for anti-afk seats using ice skating patches instead of wired!

Things you will need :

  • Ice Skating Patch  x Desired Quantity (Depends on the amount of afk seats you want to set up)
  • Tag Pole x Desired Quantity (Note that the amount of tag poles determines the number of people that are able to be afk)
  • Any Flooring and Seats (Optional)

Not a single piece of wired is needed!

Step 1
Place an ice skating patch on the spot you want people to afk at. An example is shown in the picture below.

Step 2
Cover the ice skating patch with any kind of flooring you want if you wish to hide it.

Step 3
Place the tag pole at the spot you desire. In the case shown below, only 1 tag pole has been placed. 

Step 4
If you wish, put seats on top of the flooring to create your "afk seats". Your habbo avatar will begin to start glowing if everything is set up correctly meaning you will not idle out of the room!

Repeat the steps given above until you have set up all the afk seats you need.