"What's down that hole?" Guide

Step 1 Search "Duomix" and enter the room "Habbobites.com: What's Down The Hole?" or click here. Step 2Walk to the fridge behind the "FunkyHabbo" bot and take a drink. Make sure it is 'juice'. Step 3Sit on the hole. Step 4 Enter the teleporter as shown. Step 5Flick the switch to start the telephrase maze. 1. 500 2. festive gachapon 3. mystic duck 4. 4000 5. been a radio presenter all my life! 6. 06/06 7. Armset 8. jaslmao 9. pokebites 10. the battle begins 11. garo Step 6 Enter the teleporter once you have completed the telephrase maze. Step 7 Walk through the level avoiding the tarantulas and snakes.  Step 8Once you have made it through, say "supporters hub is exclusive for donors". Step 9 Enter the teleporter. Step 10Find the right stool and it will teleport you to the pillow area. Only 1 stool teleports you. Step 11Once you found the correct stool, say "happy 4k members habbobiters!" and it will bring you to the next level. Step 12Step on the right plate to start queuing. Step 13Step on the door to start playing. Step 14Take the water hidden behind the first pillar. Step 15 Step on the 3rd colour tile from the left (the only one with the pillar on fire). Step 16Make your way to the tile infront of the switch ....
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