Hey guys, I'm Jenn Demi (17, soon to be 18 - from AUS) & today I'll be writing about my first show experience on HabboBites !   The moment I first clicked to connect on air I was soooo frightened & nervous. --------- felt as if I was going to stuff up, I started off with my intro (which didn't go as well I expected !) I kept asking if everyone could hear me and if I was actually ON AIR. Most of my friends, said YES YOU'RE ON AIR !! etc. then I started laughing on air, & whenever I'd change to the next song, I'd scream "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and it was so funny, yet SO embarrassing !!! I then played my first song, which I think was Down by Marian Hill.... I asked if It was playing & if it was loud enough, and people said It wasn't, so I put the volume on my spotify, and volume mixed, all the way up !!! After that, I decided to check if I could give out prize codes.... But I couldn't so instead, I made 10 credits fill in for the prize code & asked a question which was "What is your fave song!" After approximately 2 songs, I announced the winner, and of course it was Caleb !  After about 15-20 minutes in the show, I could finally do a live poll ! WOOO ! that's when the show got ....
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