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´╗┐HabboBites - Deal or No Deal
Terms of Game Clarification

As you would have seen in this news article, HabboBites is bringing a not so new game of Deal or No Deal in a new format to the site as an official event.

The Deal or No Deal Producers/Management have discussed how the game rules are set out in the article and we feel they could be better set out, so please see below for the Official Terms of Game that will be adhered to by all participants and Deal or No Deal Staff.

Section 1 - General Rules
All players must be over the age of 13.
All players must be able to speak fluent English for the event.
During the game, all players must abide by the Habbo Way at all times else they may be banned.
There will be no attempt at cheating the game.
If you lose, there will be no attempt at saying you have been scammed (there are multiple independent adjudicators who will ensure the game is played in line with the Terms of Game).

Section 2 - 'Purchasing' of Door 15
No user will part with any of their own furniture or coins to 'purchase' door 15. The way this is achieved is upon the end of the main game, before handing over the prize they have accrued, the participant is asked whether they would like to use it to 'purchase' door 15 where they have a random chance of winning 6 amounts.

These amounts are:
(1) Nothing
(2) 1 credit
(3) 25 credits
(4) 50 credits (gold bar)
(5) 1 month of HC
(6) 250c

This is a game of chance, and is not classified as gambling as the user does not part with any of their personal belongings, HabboBites operates to the very strict Habbo Way and Fansite Policy and would not implement a game which breaks these.

If you are still worried about this section, please send a private message to Jas or Ry who will be able to assist you.

Section 3 - Banker Offers
After each round, the Banker will ring into the studio and offer the current participant an amount of credits/furni to try and get them to deal out of the live game at that point.

The participant is welcome to No Deal the offer, where the game will continue in Live format. If the participant Deals, the game will continue in 'Show' format where we see how their game would have ended.

If a Deal has been made, the possibility to purchase Door 15 stands at the end of the game.

Section 4 - Handing over of Prize
No prize shall be handed to the participant until the very end of the game, to ensure at no point would gambling happen within the event.

Section 5 - Applications
Applications are currently open for Series 1 of Deal or No Deal. See this article for more information.

Section 6 - Complaints
In the unlikely event you have a complaint about the game, please message Jas, Ry or Funkyhabbo who will all be happy to help.

Thank you for reading these Terms of Game, and the Deal or No Deal Management hope this provides clarity on a few things.

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