Calling all Programmers! 8 Nov 2016 12:39 AM
I'm really interested in programming, but pretty useless without much free time. 

So, I'm interested in who out there are programmers, and what projects have you worked/working on (your favourite in particular).

Really want to learn Web Design as a starting point, maaaaybe.
Reply: Calling all Programmers! 12 Dec 2016 8:37 AM
Search up Code Academy, they're a free programming learning site, I learned how to make my own website there, once you know the basics you'll start to experiment and that is when you really start learning and making things better and eventually selling your experience to users to make them websites.
Reply: Calling all Programmers! 28 Mar 2017 5:42 AM
I am currently researching what people want to see/change/add/update in regards to staff panels for Habbo fansites. I have recently taken a look at RadiPanel and HabboSoft and noticed that they are outdated and insecure. My current project is a new fansite staff panel, so if anyone has any comments, let me know!

As for wanting to learn web programming, you can also take a look at They have recently updated to newer standards, and have some excellent try as you go tutorials.
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Reply: Calling all Programmers! 1 Apr 2017 4:48 AM
As mentioned earlier you got code academy, another site is "code school" but it cost money. We use code school at our work for competence and it's great.

For "web design" check into html/css as those are the only language you need to know to design websites. There is plenty of tutorials for this just by googling and finding one that fits you.

Currently myself im working on the next version of another fansite on habbo and have a side project where im developing a ban administration system for minecraft to evolve my java knowledge.
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Reply: Calling all Programmers! 8 Oct 2018 1:51 AM
I have to disagree with you, Fjur - not only you should need HTML/CSS but also some knowledge in JavaScript and their frameworks (React.js and Node.js for the start). As for back-end development PHP or Python will be a great addition, but if you already know C++ or Java, it'll count too.

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