MacOS Broadcasting Tools 14 Oct 2018 1:55 PM
Hello fellow MacOS broadcaster pals.

As I am sure you have become aware (and if you haven't, I have some disheartening news for you), Nicecast is no longer being developed and support is said to be discontinued at the end of this year. I am still using it without issue on MacOS Mojave, however I have read that in the next big MacOS release there is a very good chance it will no longer run. 

So, I am wondering what broadcasting setup you are currently using, or what toolset you have moved to/are planning to move to going forward.. I currently use Nicecast to broadcast and DjayPro to manage my library/mix during my broadcasts etc.

Sadly I haven't found a simple tool like Nicecast yet that I'm willing to transition to. The developers of Nicecast have made another toolset as its replacement, which is called Audio Hijack. Has anyone used this yet? What are your thoughts?

Reply: MacOS Broadcasting Tools 15 Oct 2018 2:09 AM
Yep, Audio Hijack is amazing. so much easier than Nicecast and that was easy on its own! I have been able to have more control of shows and can make setups for what I need for example if I wanna do interviews or dual DJ or recordings I can just add a tab in the place it is needed and away I go. I would suggest getting keygen so you can make it full version so you shouldn't have any trial issues like a fuzzy noise but I would 100% recommend for Mac users like myself!!
Reply: MacOS Broadcasting Tools 15 Oct 2018 2:11 AM
If you need any help with this just hit me up i am happy to give any help with it!

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