Buying rare clothing 12 Aug 2019 7:01 PM

me and Bint is looking for following for as cheap as possible:

Boxer Braids
Cat Demon Face
Hermes Winged Sandals
Long Wavy Locks
Mermaid Hair
Noble Crown
Oversized Sunglasses
Romantic Messy Bun
Sentinel Helmet
Vampire Bat Hat
Wavy Locks
Wreath Crown
victorian dress
Cursed flame knight
iron chest armour
iron sabatons
spiked chest armour
christmas tree party hat
glittering halo
2018 christmas tree sweater
penguin hat
one sided ponytail
legwarmer shoes
vintage throwback jacket
ornate specs
Short curly hair
k-pop buns
k-pop hair
horned helmet
Inmate Overalls

Please add klutzdutyx or Bint-Safety if youre selling those :) 

Reply: Buying rare clothing 31 Aug 2019 8:55 AM
hm would you give for spiked chest armour?

You're missing out!

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