Habbo Ambassadors 7 Feb 2020 11:15 PM
How do they select new ones now?
Reply: Habbo Ambassadors 8 Feb 2020 2:02 AM
I believe positions such as moderators, ambassadors or any other position of authority are given to players who demonstrate good behavior to the current staff within Habbo. These positions most likely take a long time to earn and require LOTS of commitment towards the Habbo community.

A very good way to involve youerself in Habbo's community and hold a position of authority would be by becoming a "Guardian" if you take a look at the "Talents tracker" you can see how to earn this role. It takes lots of commitment and hard work but allows you to review cases of bad behavior and work with others to resolve the problem.

Of course i'm only a player and not a member of staff within Habbo but this is what I know through my time here. :)
Reply: Habbo Ambassadors 8 Feb 2020 1:19 PM
Funkyhabbo might have some kind of idea as he's one of the OC Ambassadors! 

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