Making new games? 27 Feb 2020 7:35 PM
Stated in Title, i saw alot of games ingame and i think it's time to make a new game for us. Something unique and enjoyable.
Reply: Making new games? 28 Feb 2020 2:00 PM
Like someone here at HB should create one?
Please note the reason why we've gone quiet recently is because a lot of us have IRL commitments that come before Habbo and simply do not have the time to create things that take time like games.
If you're good at building and can wire on your own, I do strongly encourage you to build something yourself and upload it to the creations section! Maybe also keep an eye out for an upcoming building/wiring competition (no date is set in stone as of yet) too :) 

If you just mean in general, I do think it's a good idea but again, not everyone has the time to come up with new games, and also with the new Habbo that's going to be released this year, who knows if the wired will break or not!

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