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The Ambassadors will be hosting another Infobus session regarding Retros tomorrow!
Check out what time it is with your corresponding timezone below:

AEST - 05.08.17 at 5:00pm
ACST - 05.08.17 at 4:30pm
BST - 05.08.17 at 8:00am
SGT - 05.08.17 at 3:00pm
EDT - 05.08.17 at 3:00am
NZST - 05.08.17 at 7:00pm
CEST - 05.08.17 at 9:00am

(If you have any queries regarding timezones, leave a comment and we will be happy to help!)

- Guide will not be provided with Telephrase answers in respect of the Habbo Ambassadors.


Step 1

Go to the Ambassador Info Park and join the queue to wait to teleport into the infobus when ready!

Step 2

Choose your seat and get comfortable! Enjoy the session with the Habbo Ambassadors!

Step 3

Step on the arrow teleporter to go to the next room!

Step 4

Say "START" to start the telephrase to retrieve your badge!