Festive Fashion

Have you got an eye for fashion?

Step 1

Enter the teleport.

Step 2

Wait patiently in the queue shown below.

Once in the game, you have 2 minutes to create three outfits that match the clothed reindeer highlighted in white below as closely as possible.

To select a clothing item, flick the switch when the corresponding reindeer is on the ringplate in front of it.

Use the brown switch behind you to reset if you mess up.

Note: You must use the brown switch after you receive each point in order to make the reindeer move again.

The possible combinations are listed below:

Cupid Deer

Bobble Hat Deer

Astronaut Deer

Scarf Deer

Tutu Deer

Deer with Shades

Deer with Red Antlers

Deer with Yellow Band

Santa Deer

Once you have successfully created three outfits, you will automatically receive your badge!

Combination List

If you are want to use a list instead of scrolling through the photos.

Cupid the Matchmaker / Cupid Deer
• Wing Sandal
• Feathered Crown

Blitzen the Sprinter / Bobble Hat Deer
• Army Ranks 5
• Bobble Hat

Comet the Astronaut / Glass Bowl Deer
• Wing Sandal
• Star Explorer Helmet

Dasher the Bullet / Scarf Deer 
• Oversized Scarf

Dancer the Prancer / Tutu Deer
• Maids Boots
• Tutu

Vixen the Gangster / Shades Deer
• Shades
• Cumberband

Prancer the Dancer/ Red Antler Deer
• Feathered Pin

Donner Kebab / Yellow Waistband Deer
• Ribbon/Bow
• Christmas Wreath

Santa Deer / Red Nose Deer
• Blanket Scarf
• Chunky Necklace